The idiocy of banning the n-word in sports

I wrote a column for Baller Mind Frame about recent developments concerning the sports world and the use of the n-word. My position is clear by the title of the column but not for… Continue reading

Tom Brady is worse than Peyton Manning

Tom Brady is an elite quarterback, one of the best of all-time, but he is worse than Peyton Manning. Two misleading points are used in Brady’s favor when arguing for his point as… Continue reading

Comics for Mikey

Dear Mikey, A good while ago, you and I made a deal that might have slipped your mind. This blog post will serve as a reminder for all the details of our arrangement.… Continue reading

“So I Did It Again”

I knew we really shouldn’t but it felt good so we did it again. Only 13 but I’m exposed to the weakness of men And I loved it. This sin. And I loved… Continue reading

“I Want”

This is an ancient, five-year-old poem I produced during a time of pain equal to three decillion (don’t worry, I had to look it up too) elephants sitting on one’s back. I will begin… Continue reading

Rob Parker and the Deconstruction of Black Jesus

In today’s post-race society, it is not appropriate to ask , “Is he a brother or is he a cornball brother?” No, it’s not even ok if the man in question asks you… Continue reading

“The Sexy Scale” – An Excerpt from Chapter 1

I promised yesterday to provide a blog entry titled, “Rob Parker and the Deconstruction of Black Jesus.” It’s still coming but I had a difficult time finding the sources I was going to… Continue reading

Wax and Bull

There is no choice Everyone has to go Raindrop after raindrop Plummeting to the Earth No one knows what’s down there We hear of mountains, canyons, and trees But no one comes back… Continue reading

Why YOU Should Vote For Mitt Romney

Following the speech by Ann Romney at the Republican National Convention, I was stirred to write a Facebook status about our next president! Did you know that if Mitt Romney were to get… Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Sincere DaMisfit, Part III

In the third and last part of Sincere’s prose, we get a look his motivations for music and what he hopes to inspire in people through his art: College is where my music… Continue reading