Artist Spotlight: Sincere DaMisfit, Part III

In the third and last part of Sincere’s prose, we get a look his motivations for music and what he hopes to inspire in people through his art:

College is where my music finally started to take off. Before the University Center was reconstructed, people would congregate in the Tiger Den. It always seemed like white people were on one side and black people were on the other. I would be in the Tiger Den in the corner writing a song. Pretty soon people began noticing I was writing. After a while I heard some people making beats on a table (editor’s note – for those who are unfamiliar with this sort of thing, check out the video by clicking this link). People were crowding around and everyone got a turn to freestyle. It became a regular thing for us after a while. After the first few weeks of school, the Deltas hosted an old school, hip hop battle competition in the Panhellenic building, and I entered in the competition under the moniker, CASSIUS. I beat my opponents but had to leave early. People told me I won the whole competition but I wasn’t there to receive the prize. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in a prize because it was what I loved to do.

I was searching for a studio to go to and found out my cousin Stephen (10 years older than me) had one in his apartment. He recorded me and was interested in my talent so I wanted it to be a regular thing. Two weeks after our first session together, on Father’s Day, I found out Stephen had been murdered. He was delivering a pizza less than five minutes away from my house. He delivered the pizza to an abandoned house where he was robbed and killed. I never felt like they had to shoot him. I’ve had people my age die and I was very saddened by their deaths but when he died…it did something to me. I wanted to do a project that told people about themselves and something that could introduce me as an artist as well. That is how my very first project ‘M.I.S.F.I.T.S.’ was created.

By this point, I had changed my name to ‘Sincere’ after seeing BELLY (Nas, my favorite MC, played the part of Sincere). I felt Nas’ character in the movie represented my whole life, or, better yet, what I wished for so many frustrated souls in my city. Memphis is a great city but, like any other, we have negative qualities. For some reason, it seems that only the negative is displayed. I just wanted to show that not all people from Memphis are negative and can be portrayed in a positive light. For M.I.S.F.I.T.S. I teamed up with Point Blank Entertainment which was founded by Denario ‘Young Yayo’ Dotson. Around that time, I met a young girl who I am now currently dating. She opened my eyes to true, genuine love and from that I began to write about her in songs.

When I was younger, I always wanted a rock band or to be in one. So I created one with band members and random people around the U of M campus whose music talents I felt were at a supreme level. The name of the band, the Apologies, was thought of by Ian Johnson (bassist). It was my idea to change the spelling to ‘Apologeez’…it looked really cool on paper!! We entered into the Second Annual SAC Talent Extravaganza and came out in first place.

Soon after this I began getting shows around town. Still pushing M.I.S.F.I.T.S., I teamed up with a rapper named ‘Royal T’, who I began recording with, put me on OFWGKTA (I havent met them). They had a rebel sound that’s different in many ways. It was so left field so I wanted to do music that would change people’s perception about me, and that would have the same qualities of M.I.S.F.I.T.S. but with a more aggressive, more contemporary sound. ‘CANDYnGRENADES (CnG) was born from this ideology. I felt with CnG, I would no longer be working at the job I was located at (The Malco Paridiso | Movie theater) with tracks such as ‘Fuck Money’ and ‘Kirt Calloway’. However, I felt CnG wasn’t my best work and that it put me in a dark place that I didn’t want to be.

I am now working on an EP entitled ‘LongLiveTheLeader’ (#LLT7) with a song called ‘I Want More’ as the first single which just basically says that no matter what/who you use to be, you can always go after more in life. To attain anything in this world, you simply have to “Go get it”. The next single about to drop is called ‘Last Name’ dedicated to my brothers new engagement, my parents’ marriage of 32 years, and my own personal love. The whole EP is scheduled to drop in the fall of this year.

The EP, in its full character, is supposed to represent the people that have impacted us as human beings. If you grow up being taught the wrong things, then you are more likely to grow up dead or in jail. The same goes for positivity; we could do great things. The decision lies with us of what we want our future generations to be taught. Teach them well. My mom and dad lived to see MLK Jr. and were here in Memphis when he was murdered. That changed the game for a whole generation. That generation taught the next and that generation the next. Civil rights movement speeches translated into hip hop music. You can either be remembered for something good or bad. I want to be remembered for something good. God is watching. Keep your eyes open.