“So I Did It Again”

I knew we really shouldn’t but it felt good so we did it again.
Only 13 but I’m exposed to the weakness of men
And I loved it.
This sin.
And I loved her.
This girl.
So we did it again,
Even though she flirted with grown men.
Convenient amnesia –
The voice of common sense drowned out by moans.
“Shhhh! Don’t fuck up my zone!”

So I did it again.
But I had a different friend
Every night.
To me, they all looked the same.
Some call it game. Don’t know names.
Just 16,
I’ll never be the same.
Still feel pain, until I did it again.
This happens to great men?
Don’t question now, here she comes – “Hey, how you doin?”

So I do it again,
I know I really shouldn’t but it feels good so I do it again.
Culture won’t allow for chivalry, not from a geek like me.
Men say, “Do it while you young.”
I’m not having any fun.
Was I even in love once with someone other than Lust?
Was this ever about Us?
I’m sorry Love.
I can never trust


Another oldie (heavily edited) poem from my notebooks via 2006. New musings and observations from life in general later in the week. Please like and follow if you enjoyed this post, and feel free to check out other stuff my blog.