Comics for Mikey

Dear Mikey,

A good while ago, you and I made a deal that might have slipped your mind.


This blog post will serve as a reminder for all the details of our arrangement. All necessary supplies will be shipped in the mail for use at your convenience. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Mike will research five words in the dictionary that he does not know, and send them to Aaron in the mail. In exchange, Aaron will send Mikey one comic book.

Note: Maximum for one package will be 50 vocabulary words for 10 comic books.

Special materials needed



Envelopes (not pictured)

Felix the cat (not included)


1. Each word should be accompanied with a sentence.

Ex. Asinine – Extremely stupid or foolish.
Sentence: It would be asinine not to look up vocabulary words for free comics.

2. The words may be typed from a computer and printed, or written down on paper of Mikey’s choosing.

3. Words must be mailed from the post office to Aaron’s address in Brooklyn, NY. Email submission will not be accepted.


The post offices in Memphis are not this big but you know what’s up

4. After two months, request can be made for specific comics, old or new.

Open the dictionary, flip to any page, and pick a word you do not recognize.

Ask friends and family for suggestions.

Have fun!

Talk to you soon,