If someone is terrible at all the technical skills listed in a job description, conventional wisdom says they will be fired in short order. Intangibles and personality mean diddly for the individual that lacks the necessary skillset to perform the job, but the words conventional and wisdom do not apply to Tim Tebow. The man can’t throw the football yet he will always come through in the clutch.

The question here is, does the Tim Tebow method cross over to other careers options? Youtube has the answers.

Sports commentator

Tim Tebow is not known for having a high basketball IQ, or being exciting outside of fourth quarter antics so this is not likely be a great gig for him.

He would be incredibly boring, but likely to stay on board because he would never get fired from the network for saying stuff like Rick Barry in this video – Rick-Barry-insults-Bill-Russell.

Rating: Thanks, but no thanks (1.0 stars out of 5) 

Cable Guy

Imagine the best customer service from a cable guy you could possible have: courteous, punctual, and your cable actually worked when he left! But what if he installed your connection like this?

Your cable would work for a little while, but you would want a new guy to come back and properly hook the cable up.

Rating: Only if I’m in a hurry (2.5 stars out of 5) 

Action Movie Star

A movie with a little swearing, some decent action and a lot of Tebow has blockbuster written all over it! How about a reboot of Commando with Tim as John? Don’t change a line or an action sequence! Give us the same good ol’ flick with new paint. I would see it. Would you?

Rating: In the theater, in the rain, anywhere! (5 stars out of 5)