Jimi Hendrix is not a black man

Obviously, Jimi Hendrix is a black man. The physical facts will always infuriate the fictional naysayer who wants to prove otherwise. It would be more precise to say that black aesthetic does not define Jimi Hendrix as a black man. He does not fit into any of the molds of what black culture is supposed to be which, paradoxically, makes him not a black man. It might seem as if this claim is a bit brazen, but consider the following points:

1) R&B, soul, funk, jazz, blues and hip hop are all genres of music that are considered black forms of art, an art that can only be woven through living a black experience. This line of thinking innately strips away the black authenticity of any black artist who is not creating music within these genres.

Today, hip hop is supposed to be the quintessential genre of the black experience. This would explain why Eminem has to be labeled a “white rapper” while Robin Thicke can just be known as a R&B singer.

2) No current major black media affiliate celebrates the life and times of Jimi Hendrix. That’s not to say no black people listen to Jimi Hendrix, but there are no media affiliates who claim to represent black thought or black culture who pay homage to one of the guys who revolutionized the way guitars are played.

3) Rock music is considered white music. To clarify, I’m not arguing that rock music is music only for white people, but the perception is there without a doubt. A good number of black people will not even give the music a chance because of this perception. It has nothing to do with it being bad music.

The case of Jimi Hendrix’s “blackness” is extremely peculiar to me because of how arbitrary any reason could be for not truly appreciating one of the greatest musicians of all time, regardless of his race. Few black people ever mention Jimi Hendrix on the radio, on TV, in films, books or anything unless they were a musician themselves. Is that not strange?

I am merely asking aloud to anybody reading, is Jimi Hendrix a black man?

Maybe I should just Google the question again.